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Microsoft Flight Simulator X 8.0

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator developed by Microsoft
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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating system . It is the most used one among the few civil flight simulators of user level that exist presently, in part thanks to the general notions on aviation, in spite of the criticisms to the model of flight made by the communities of virtual air pilots. Flight Simulator is one of the most used ones worldwide, highly appreciated by enthusiastic amateurs, professional pilots, apprentices or newcomers. With its instructor and classes of flight, you can be initiated in the basic know-how on how to steer an airplane. It also contains a detailed meteorology system, a system of failures of the airplane and a 3D cabin almost complete, with the gadgets of a basic airplane. There is a great community for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, in part because of the structure of flight simulator that permits numerous modifications to be introduced. Also, there are many virtual companies, where the pilots can perform their tasks as virtual pilots, like in an air company. FS 2002 8.0 presented the greatest improvement as compared to previous versions -they improved the graphics, including the ATC and air traffic . The users are able to fly together the airplanes controlled by computers and to communicate with the airports. An option to control the rate of pictures per second was added. An effect of inertia was also included, what gives an illusion of realistic movement.

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