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Flying various aircraft with realistic scenery and airports
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HOBBS SYSOP the weather server it downloads from was changed this original is probably not updated, check for updates at

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Guest I transferred several aircraft from the Microsoft Professional 2000 edition to my current 2002 Microsoft Flight Sim. I have sucessfully transferred the Concorde . I have made several attempts to transfer the Beechcraft plane but the guages will show. I can fliy the plane but with out instruments. The instrument panel appears with out any controls. Hopefully you offer some solutions for this problem.
I don't know if this is connected to my problem but the small radio panels don not work for the smaller planes. The knobs will not extend out and I can't enter any numbers . The numbers showing can be high lighted but can't be chnaged.

Please offer some suggestions that could solve this problem.

My eamil addres is :

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HOBBS SYSOP most of the panels are configured with XML formats only 2004 and up aircraft are compatable with this version. X has its own beech FSX checks for correct aircraft, you should be able to correct the radio problems by adding the xml for the radios to your aircraft.cfg the same as what the default aircraft use. I just copy and paste the panel.cfg on originals to aircraft mods for those that do not load correctly

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Guest it feels good

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Guest it is fantastic but wheather settings do not work properly

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HOBBS SYSOP they work fine for me but then I bought my version at wal mart smile a deluxe version just released

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